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Immerse yourself in the history of Family Hotel Villa Flavia


Designed and built as an interpretation of time, the hotel takes you through historical eras dating back thousands of years.
Welcome to the Villa Flavia Boutique Hotel - a place that hides in its interior centuries-old ruins, celebrates the city’s elegant architecture at the turn of the 20th century, and showcases a modern elegant style and contemporary comfort!
Having undergone many transformations over the years, today the hotel’s building is the result of owners’ and architects’ desire to honour the architectural and historical heritage of Plovdiv.
An embodiment of time and its passage, an interpretation of human evolution and the continuity of generations, Villa Flavia will let you capture and experience a thousand-year history at a glance.

1–2 century AD

Villa Flavia preserves an invaluable treasure the same way charming Plovdiv does. In the foundations of the building, you’ll find an ancient Roman bath, part of a complex near the aqueducts that brought water into the city. The excavations are well preserved and exhibited, allowing you to walk through the rich historical heritage and travel through time from modern Plovdiv to the ancient city of Philippopolis.

20th century

The building is a shared creation of its owners and the architect, proudly preserving both the invaluable ancient ruins in its heart and the brilliance of its original architectural elements on the outside - found in the archives dated 1920s —thought out but unrealized until now. The hotel’s design is a beautiful blend of the French Art Nouveau and contemporary solutions of modern life. Charming accents and restored elements complement each other, turning Villa Flavia into an unforgettable mark in the heart of Plovdiv. Your travel through time continues on the ground floor designed in a classic and timeless style.

21st Century

The present and the future are displayed through the elegant symbiosis between classics and modernism in the upper floors of the hotel. To top it off, on the rooftop you’ll find a state-of-the-art terrace with a contemporary feel and a breathtaking view of the city. High above the roofs of the houses perched at the foot of the hill, above the PLOVEDIV inscription, and the Dzhakova House, it’s easy to feel light and free, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city...

The sculpture — A time portal

Your encounter with history continues in our beautiful, landscaped yard. This is the stage where four Roman columns excavated at the hotel’s foundations are exhibited. Among them we have created a beautiful modern sculpture made of old granite steps - a staircase from antiquity to the future and hope. The sculpture’s bottom consists of seemingly sloping, pouring, and broken stairs as if it is emerging from antiquity, from the Roman ruins in the basement. They are followed by a sequel of symmetrical functional steps, symbolising tradition and referring to our recent past and foundations. The upper steps are a symbol of the irrational, the spiritual, the future and the hope time holds for us. Small drops of water drip on the steps like God`s grace. They pass through the entire sculpture and return to their source. Yet another symbol of the cycle of life and the continuity of time as an exceptional completion of our concepts and ideas. You can find all the elements conceptually woven into Villa Flavia’s logo and tagline: Experience the past. Celebrate the future.

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