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Welcome to the city of the seven hills.
Let yourself be charmed by its unique atmosphere and character. Follow in the footsteps of the Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. Every step is a story, revealing a new charming secret. Visit Plovdiv’s cosy cafes and restaurants, take a break, and immerse yourself in history.

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Ancient Plovdiv

Time has saved many artifacts from the past. Plovdiv’s Ancient Theater is among the best preserved of them all. To this day, the Roman Theater is one of the most popular and preferred spaces for hosting cultural events. The Roman Forum was at the heart of social, religious, and economic life back then, while the Stadium of Philippopolis was one of a few structures of such colossal size and importance built during the reign of the Roman Empire. Moreover, as of 2018, the Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The church was at the core of Christian life in the city between IV and VI centuries. Its unique mosaics are exhibited on nearly 2,000 sq.m. for all those who want to experience the passing of time and marvel our history.

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Old Town of Plovdiv

The unique coexistence between ancient, medieval, and Renaissance monuments and landmarks can only be seen in the Architectural-Historical Reserve "Old Plovdiv." It includes some of the most important landmarks with cultural and historical significance for Plovdiv—Hisar Kapia, Kuyumdzhioglu’s House, Balabanov House, Hindliyan’s House, Klianti House, and Nebet Tepe.

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Museums in Plovdiv

Some of the most interesting Bulgarian museums are located in Plovdiv. The Regional National History Museum is among the largest in the country, while the collection of the Archeological Museum contains nearly 100,000 artefacts. The Renaissance Kuyumdzhioglu’s House—a cultural monument of national importance—is home of the Regional Ethnographic Museum, while the Natural History Museum—the largest one in the city—offers its visitors a more than unique experience through its eight main halls, living exhibition, and digital planetarium.

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Just a few meters from the boutique hotel “Villa Flavia” there is a place – an enchanting one, distinctive, plovdivian. The emotions gathered in the labyrinth of streets captivate the soul and make its visitors voluntarily enter its “Trap”.

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Near us

Villa Flavia Boutique Hotel is located on one of the emblematic streets in the heart of millennial Plovdiv—"Otets Paisiy" It is only 530 metres long, but by just simply walking through it, you can experience centuries of architectural, craft, and cultural history. We are just a few metres away from the Main Pedestrian Street and near mesmerising landmarks such as Kapana Creative District, Old Plovdiv, and the Ancient Theatre of Philippopolis—an inspiring stage for cultural events, also used by Romans centuries ago.

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