Just a few meters from the boutique hotel “Villa Flavia” there is a place – an enchanting one, distinctive, plovdivian. The emotions gathered in the labyrinth of streets captivate the soul and make its visitors voluntarily enter its “Trap”.

Kapana Creative District’s history dates back to Ottoman times, when by housing many craft shops, it became an important administrative and commercial center. The district gets its name from the names of the two narrow spaces between which it’s located - “Un kapan" /Small trap/ and "Buyuk kapan" /Big trap/. In the neighborhood one could find not only handmade shops and craft ventures but also spiritual, social and Revival activity. Nowadays the traditional craftsmen are few, although some of the streets of "Kapana" have kept their original names - "Zhelezarska", "Abadjiyska", "Kozhuharska", "Zlatarska". Today, the neighborhood "breathes" art and is a symbol of the living urban organism.

"Kapana" is the first creative district in the country and as such it is a key part of the project "Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture". Even after the year of the title, it manages to maintain its status as a cultural topos and an iconic space for all residents and visitors of the city.

In its intertwined streets we find a unique atmosphere and a characteristic Plovdiv spirit. Here you can actually feel the "aylyak". Kapana is an attractive location for everyone, and the concentration of galleries and workshops, bars and restaurants makes it one of the most recognizable and active cultural environments. All these places fill the city with modern content and different experiences. The neighborhood brings a specific feeling of coziness – it takes care of each of its visitors, walking on its cobbled colorful streets. It does not leave you indifferent, but draws you into the Plovdiv rhythm, treats you warmly and includes you. It helps you to get lost while finding yourself. Every corner of Plovdiv shines, but the colors of Kapana stand out. And if you immerse yourself in its atmosphere once – you forever remain "trapped" there.

How to get there?

Kapana is about a 5-minute walk from the Villa Flavia Hotel. Start your walk along the emblematic city street "Otets Paisii", where we are located, reach its end and you will be in "Kapana".

When to visit?

Kapana is an attractive space where life boils at any moment of the day. Visit it during daytime as well as in the evening to see the different nuances and rhythms it brings.

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