Old Town of Plovdiv


Plovdiv is a mixture of millennial history, modern city life and authentic comfort.

Where to start when you have limited time but you want to feel the true spirit of the city? Our suggestion would be taking a walk through history in the streets of Plovdiv’s Old Town. In the cobbled streets, which have absorbed different colors and worlds, you can see a unique symbiosis between the once glamorous eras and the modern life booming in the present.

Old Town of Plovdiv

There is a reason that the Old Town of Plovdiv is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The coexistence between ancient, medieval and Renaissance monuments and landmarks creates a one of a kind ensemble. In order to preserve all this, the government has created “Ancient Plovdiv” – an architectural and historical reserve. "Ancient Plovdiv" stretches in and beyond the Old Town and includes some of the most important landmarks of cultural and historical significance.

We have already told you about some of them in larger details – learn more and discover the wonders of Nebet Tepe, the Ancient Theater, the Bishop’s Basilica. What other treasures can you find on the cobbled streets of the Old Town – a space that houses some of the most remarkable monuments with fully preserved ancient architecture and atmosphere?

Fortress Gate “Hissar Kapia”

One of the symbols of Plovdiv! It greets the guests of the Three Hills with charm, tells stories, embodies legends and prepares for myths that lurk beyond. The gate in the fortress walls of Philippopolis dates back to ancient times. Below its base archeologists discovered foundations dating back to Roman times. It has been preserved in its current form since the XI - XIII century. On the outside of the entrance is a picturesque ensemble of architectural and historical landmarks, including Revival houses built into the remains of the old fortress wall.

Kuyumdzhioglu house

One of the most emblematic places in the Old Town that lies near the Plovdiv Old Town's eastern gate – the Fortress Gate. Impressive and inspiring, the house has been declared a national cultural monument. Built back in 1847, it is impressive not only in size but also in conceptual architecture. The emphasis is on the representative reception hall (hayet) on the second floor, arched under the portico to the courtyard. Currently it houses the Regional Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv.

Balabanov house

A place of importance for the cultural life of Plovdiv. The house hosts various events of cultural significance - performances, exhibitions, concerts, literary meetings. The unique atmosphere that the Balabanov house offers is complemented by the restored interior and the obvious love for art.

House-museum Hindlian and Klianti house

The Hindlian House-museum is one of the most ornate houses in the Old Town, showing impressive landscape, geometric and oriental compositions. Beautiful landscapes from Constantinople, Venice, Stockholm and other cities are painted on the walls. The Klianti House is a museum house in Plovdiv, famous for its colorful ceilings and delightful frescoes. They complement the picturesque collection of Revival houses of the Old Town and give visitors the opportunity to peek into another time of the millennial history of the city of Plovdiv.

These are just some of the architecturally and culturally significant landmarks that Old Plovdiv offers to its visitors. Some of them you can enjoy from our terrace – most of the sights of Plovdiv are located right next to our hotel. Ask our team for more information and enjoy your walk through history with a starting point – your favorite boutique hotel "Villa Flavia".

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